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IOT Edge Device 

IoT at the edge represents a step change in IoT. IoT has moved away from the old model of processing all IoT data in the cloud, which limited its role to monitoring and reporting. Processing data at the edge enables local control and automation. With the growth of 5G offering broadband-like connectivity to IoT devices, enterprises will be able to process data close to more connected "things” than ever, with higher bandwidth and lower latency. As a result, IoT at the edge will transform IoT in enterprise operations.

Edge device can be operated with 5G/4G Access networks or  Wifi . It can handle realtime / non real time data and can take actions based on  AI algorithms .

It is MWP product so further can be enhanced to specific requirements/modules .

Device is integrated to cloud so all the operations and control of end  devices can be performed remotely.

Statistics , counters and device performances can be retrieved from cloud applications .


​Device can support  different use cases :

  • Consumer IoT - Primarily for everyday use. Eg: home appliances, voice assistance, and light fixtures. 

  • Commercial IoT - Primarily used in the healthcare and transport industries. Eg: smart pacemakers and monitoring systems. 

  • Military Things (IoMT) - Primarily used for the application of IoT technologies in the military field. Eg: surveillance robots and human-wearable biometrics for combat.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - Primarily used with industrial applications, such as in the manufacturing and energy sectors. Eg: Digital control systems, smart agriculture and industrial big data. 

  • Infrastructure IoT - Primarily used for connectivity in smart cities.  Eg: infrastructure sensors and management systems

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