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 ET Device 

There is an urgent need for an ergonomically designed solution for cities, governments, and people to monitor environmental factors in real time due to the rapidly changing environment and the growing urbanization on a daily basis.

5G enabled portable IoT device  integrated with computing capabilities of the environmental data enabling communities to make better informed environmental decisions.

This device has sensor network to measure micro-climate in different locations of the city enabling people, communities, companies and government to make informed environmental decisions.

Flexible environment monitoring system which is easy to deploy and able to interface with diverse sensors showing the sensor data in human readable visualizations.

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  • A variety of sensors are used to collect data, which is then delivered through 5G to a predetermined IP address.

  • Remote management and appropriate utilization of the accumulating sensor data are also possible.

  •  The database contains all of the data. Data extraction is quick and simple when data is stored in a database. On the Web server, the database's data is analyzed and visualized.

  • The user is not constrained by time or location when using a web browser to keep an eye on the environment. On the site management page, the user can make flexible changes to the settings.

  • Environmental data quality insights based on location in real-time for cognitive decisions..

  • Real-time location-based environmental data visualization via a UI application.

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