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Fleet management :

  •  Real-time location monitoring of the fleet

  •  Weight/Volume tracking of cargo that the fleet is carrying

  •  Trucks’ performance statistics like fuel and mileage

  •  Tracking traffic conditions on the road

  •  Route management

  • Time and Driver management


Connecting vehicles:

  •  Vehicle to vehicle :  Vehicles in close proximity can exchange data thanks to connectivity. Location, speed, and dynamics-related information makes up the majority of the data. V2V connections aid in accident prevention and facilitate the flow of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines through traffic.

  • Vehicle to infrastructure :A network of automobiles and road infrastructures is referred to as a link. Generally speaking, traffic lights, lane markers, and toll booths make up the infrastructure in V2I. V2I generally promotes efficient traffic flow and reduces wait times at gas stations and toll booths.

  • Vehicle to network : The network can be used by the Intelligent Transport System (ITM) and the weather forecast office to link and notify drivers of changes in the weather or on-road accidents. Additionally, cellphones can link to a vehicle. In this manner, the car's music system and GPS can be controlled by voice commands while the driver is on the road.

AI Maintenance system:

  • The sensors built into various auto parts gather data and upload it to a platform. An algorithm that can analyze the component's future results based on its performance then processes this data.

  • A person can use an IoT automotive maintenance system to help them take the required precautions to stop their car parts from breaking down unexpectedly. Similar to a car's dashboard indicators, this system warns the driver of potential faults. But long before the issue even arises, the alarms are delivered to the driver's mobile device. This enables the driver to take quick, efficient actions to prevent component failure while driving.

Infotainment systems and telematics :


  • Telematics capabilities for IoT-based automotive have been made possible by in-car Wi-Fi capabilities driven by 4G LTE connections. Telematics is the term for long-distance electronic data transfer. A car owner can maintain a close eye on their vehicle even from far-off places by employing vehicular telematics.

  • Car owners can have peace of mind regarding their vehicle's safety, surveillance, and security at all times thanks to a smartphone-enabled dashboard. External cameras and sensors monitor the health of the cars and transmit the information to a mobile application. If someone tries to violently enter the vehicle without authorization, the telematics system and real-time alert system sound an alarm in the owner's smartphone. The IoT-enabled smart car alerts the appropriate authorities right away, such as an ambulance or firefighters, in the event of emergency.

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